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April 10th is Siblings Day

Siblings Day was established by Claudia Evart in honor of her sister.  The goal is to “promote April 10 as a national day of celebration and recognition for brothers and sisters.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day–we should celebrate our other family members–our siblings.  Read more about the founder’s story at www.siblingsday.org


Be sure to the post from 8 January–The Gift of A Sister.

Even though they worked at the same Scottsdale elementary school, neither Janine Mullen nor Cindy Chadwick knew they were sisters.  One afternoon a serendipitous meeting changed all that.


Arizona's new Sibling Information Exchange Program

HB2212 creates the Sibling Information Exchange Program.

Governer Janet Napolitano signed HB 2212 on 16 April 2007 which becomes effective on 1 January 2008, establishing the Sibling Information Exchange Program.

Children who become wards of the court in dependency hearings are often separated from their siblings and loose contact with one another. If parental rights are terminated, some of these children are adopted, while others remain in foster care. Placement information is confidential, and as a result, a dependent child has no means of staying in touch with siblings or later, making contact.

The Sibling Information Exchange Program will facilitate contact between a former dependent child and their siblings.

Individuals who are eligible to participate in the program are:

* An adult who is a former dependent child

* The adoptive parent, guardian or biological parent of a juvenile who is a former dependent child.

* The adult sibling of a former dependent child.

The program will be administered by the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts, Certification and Licensing Division.

“The Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts is seeking public comment on revisions to the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 7-201: General Requirements and § 7-203: Confidential Intermediary as proposed by the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Certification and Licensing Division.”

Click this link to read the proposed changes and submit a comment. Anyone may comment.

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