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Findmypast.com is Offering Free Access to Their Military Records

Free Military Records this Memorial Day Weekend May 24-27

“With more than 34 million U.S. and International military records available at findmypast.com , we are offering free access to our military records and collection of veteran’s gravesites to explore and learn about the heroic efforts in your family tree this Memorial Day weekend.”

Access will require registration.

Golden Rules of Genealogy

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“You have our permission to use/publish
these Golden Rules as much as you like.
Just give us credit for them, okay?”


Golden Rules of Genealogy


Adoption "Reality" Show

The New York Times reports, “Two Reality Shows Stir Publicity and Anger” .  Coverage of  “Find My Family” begins at the bottom of the page.

Deep Web Directory–CompletePlanet

I recently ran across this directory, but haven’t had much time to explore it. CompletePlanet is described on the website as “the front door” to Deep Web databases and “thousands of regular search engines”.

Seven Brothers and Sisters

All direct quotes are posted with respect for privacy and with permission.

It was a mother’s last wish — Find your bothers and sisters.

Six brothers and sisters have gotten to know one another, but one was missing. The “baby of the family” contacted me to find the last one.

She had very little information. Of course, she didn’t have a name, but she knew their sister must have been adopted in Arizona. The birth date was their best guess, but incorrect; it was off by two years. Despite the limited information, the last of seven has been reunited with her brothers and sisters.

How can I even begin to thank you for finding my sister for us? Now we have all of the missing pieces of the puzzle that is our family. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
— C. R.

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