“Drinking Cold Water” As A Cause of Death?

Death Certificates are not only informative, they can be very interesting to read.  Sound morbid?  Maybe, but a death certificate is important  in a genealogist’s documentation.

This word cloud gives greater prominence to the causes of death that appear more frequently and was compiled from my research on death certificates.

Old age?  Well, that’s not difficult to understand, but “drinking cold water”?  Or how about “gout”?



Life in the 1940s

Click on the infographic for a larger version or use this link to access the original https://the1940census.com/1940-census-infographic/


Memorial Day: Free Access to Military Records

Ancestry.com is offering “free access to draft, enlistment and service records through May 27”.

MyHeritage.com “In honor of this special day, we are proud to provide free access – through May 28 –  to our most popular collections of US military records.”

Findmypast.com  “Free Military Records this Memorial Day Weekend May 24-27”

Findmypast.com is Offering Free Access to Their Military Records

Free Military Records this Memorial Day Weekend May 24-27

“With more than 34 million U.S. and International military records available at findmypast.com , we are offering free access to our military records and collection of veteran’s gravesites to explore and learn about the heroic efforts in your family tree this Memorial Day weekend.”

Access will require registration.

Golden Rules of Genealogy

Reposted from gotgenealogy.com

“You have our permission to use/publish
these Golden Rules as much as you like.
Just give us credit for them, okay?”


Golden Rules of Genealogy


New CI ?

OK, you made it through the certification exam.  It wasn’t really that difficult, was it?  Next came the background check and the approval of the Confidential Intermediary Board and then you received the congratulatory letter.  What’s next?  Do you feel completely lost?  Consider finding a mentor.
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Vital Records Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts

  This has been a fantastic resource.   It contains records of births, deaths, marriages, intentions and more, dating from 1642 through 1895.  It’s available to search in an Ancestry.com subscription, but also through Open Library.

Library As Paradise

Today’s Google Doodle features the birthdate of author Jorge Luis Borges who was  born in Buenos Aires in 1899.


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” — Jorge Louis Borges

Sitting Is Killing You

Link removed by request.

Is your website or blog "mobilized"?

With the growing popularity of smartphones and the prediction “that within the next five years more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs”, the need to optimize websites and blogs becomes more important.

Do you know how your site displays on a mobile device?  For an analysis of how your site might look on mobile devices, use the W3C mobileOK Checker.

Then head over to Mowser to see what it should look like.  Of course you could encourage visitors to your site to use Mowser, but most wouldn’t want to be bothered with the extra step.

I searched for and found a handy plugin for WordPress that detects the type of browser used by visitors, then automatically renders the mobile version of the page.

Read about best practices and useful resources at the W3C Mobile Web Initiative site.

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