I admit it–I’m not much of a television watcher.  I find there are so many other things to do with my time than sit mindlessly in front of the “box”.  Sure, there are a few shows I do watch, but not many.

I particularly dislike reality shows.  Watching people behaving badly, tearful outbursts or scheming against one another isn’t my idea of entertainment. 

When I heard that a new reality show about adoption reunions would begin airing on TV, I found myself annoyed at the latest attempt to exploit the feelings of those whose lives have been touched by adoption.

A good aspect of the show: hopefully this show will shed some light on the need to know one’s family.

Bad aspect about the show: I dislike the insensitive terminolgy used, such as “give up for adoption”.

It will be interesting to see the comments from those in the adoption triad.