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Gertie’s Babies

Gertie’s Babies

Gertrude Pitkanen Van Orden delivered and sold babies, and mostly evaded legal consequence, in Montana from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Request For Public Comment — Genetic Genealogy Standards

From the website:

Public Comment Period (May 15, 2014 – June 15, 2014)

“A group of individuals, including genealogists, genetic genealogists, and scientists, have worked for the past several months to develop a draft of genetic genealogy standards. The document is intended to provide ethical and usage standards for the genealogical community to follow when purchasing, recommending, sharing, or writing about the results of DNA testing for ancestry.

To ensure that this document accurately reflects the standards embraced by the community, we are opening this document for a period of public comment, from May 12, 2014 through June 6, 2014. By clicking the “Document” tab in the left-hand panel, you will be able to download a PDF of the current draft of the standards. Please review that document, come back to this site, and click on the “Comment” tab in the left-hand panel where you will be prompted to leave comments about the standards.
Although there may be discussion of this document in Facebook groups, on blogs, or elsewhere, only comments submitted through this website will be reviewed and considered by the standards committee.
Thank you,
The Genetic Genealogy Standards Committee

CeCe Moore
Blaine Bettinger
David Bachinsky
Traci Barela
Katherine Borges
Angie Bush
Melinde Lutz Byrne
George Cicila
Shannon Christmas
Michael Hait
Tim Janzen
James Owston
Ana Oquendo Pabón
Ugo Perego
Steven Perkins
Ann Turner
Debbie Parker Wayne
Jennifer Zinck”

April 10th is Siblings Day

Siblings Day was established by Claudia Evart in honor of her sister.  The goal is to “promote April 10 as a national day of celebration and recognition for brothers and sisters.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day–we should celebrate our other family members–our siblings.  Read more about the founder’s story at


Be sure to the post from 8 January–The Gift of A Sister.

Even though they worked at the same Scottsdale elementary school, neither Janine Mullen nor Cindy Chadwick knew they were sisters.  One afternoon a serendipitous meeting changed all that.


The Gift of a Sister

Even though they worked at the same Scottsdale elementary school, neither Janine Mullen nor Cindy Chadwick knew they were sisters.  One afternoon a serendipitous meeting changed all that.

Watch the full story here.


New CI ?

OK, you made it through the certification exam.  It wasn’t really that difficult, was it?  Next came the background check and the approval of the Confidential Intermediary Board and then you received the congratulatory letter.  What’s next?  Do you feel completely lost?  Consider finding a mentor.
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The Debate Continues

The debate over access to original birth certificates continues.   Listen to this discussion on The Takeaway, a national morning news program.

Adoptees Fight for Access to Original Birth Certificates
Monday, August 02, 2010

Adoption "Reality" Show

The New York Times reports, “Two Reality Shows Stir Publicity and Anger” .  Coverage of  “Find My Family” begins at the bottom of the page.

Adoption "Reality" Show

I admit it–I’m not much of a television watcher.  I find there are so many other things to do with my time than sit mindlessly in front of the “box”.  Sure, there are a few shows I do watch, but not many.

I particularly dislike reality shows.  Watching people behaving badly, tearful outbursts or scheming against one another isn’t my idea of entertainment. 

When I heard that a new reality show about adoption reunions would begin airing on TV, I found myself annoyed at the latest attempt to exploit the feelings of those whose lives have been touched by adoption.

A good aspect of the show: hopefully this show will shed some light on the need to know one’s family.

Bad aspect about the show: I dislike the insensitive terminolgy used, such as “give up for adoption”.

It will be interesting to see the comments from those in the adoption triad.

141 Adoptees Pre-register For Original Birth Certificate

141 Individuals pre-registered to receive their original birth certificate from the vital statistics department in Maine after a new state law took effect on January 1, 2009.

Some oppose the new law because they believe it violates the privacy of birthmothers.

News story

Seven Brothers and Sisters

All direct quotes are posted with respect for privacy and with permission.

It was a mother’s last wish — Find your bothers and sisters.

Six brothers and sisters have gotten to know one another, but one was missing. The “baby of the family” contacted me to find the last one.

She had very little information. Of course, she didn’t have a name, but she knew their sister must have been adopted in Arizona. The birth date was their best guess, but incorrect; it was off by two years. Despite the limited information, the last of seven has been reunited with her brothers and sisters.

How can I even begin to thank you for finding my sister for us? Now we have all of the missing pieces of the puzzle that is our family. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
— C. R.

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