71% of Online Adults Use Facebook

Pew Research Internet Project found Facebook is still the preferred social network.  The report, “Social Media Update 2013”, found 22% did not use any of the five social networkings sites in the survey.

  • Among 18 -29 year-olds, 84% report they use Facebook.
  • In the 30 – 49 year age group, 79% use Facebook
  • Of the 50- 64 year age group, 60% use Facebook
  • Among 65+ respondants, 45% use Facebook


Social media sites, 2012-2013

Is your website or blog "mobilized"?

With the growing popularity of smartphones and the prediction “that within the next five years more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs”, the need to optimize websites and blogs becomes more important.

Do you know how your site displays on a mobile device?  For an analysis of how your site might look on mobile devices, use the W3C mobileOK Checker.

Then head over to Mowser to see what it should look like.  Of course you could encourage visitors to your site to use Mowser, but most wouldn’t want to be bothered with the extra step.

I searched for and found a handy plugin for WordPress that detects the type of browser used by visitors, then automatically renders the mobile version of the page.

Read about best practices and useful resources at the W3C Mobile Web Initiative site.

Too Bad There Will Be No More Yahoo!

Details of the deal announced earlier this summer have been finalized.

“Under the no-cash deal, Yahoo! will use Microsoft’s new Bing search engine on its own sites while Yahoo! will provide the exclusive global sales force for premium search advertisers.”

As one of my friends said, “This can’t be good.”

John Quincy Adams a tweeter?

When a visitor to the Massachusetts Historical Society noticed that the short entries in one of  the dairies written by John Quincy Adams were similiar to tweets posted on Twitter, that gave the historical society an idea–post the line-a-day entires to Twitter.

200 years ago, on 5 August 1809,  John Quincy Adams set sail to Russia to serve as the the first American ambassador.  The historical society intends to post the diary entries detailing the voyage and supplement with maps, photos and links to longer diary entries.

Hmmm, does posting the line-a-day entries constitute a RT?

Military Secrets on an MP3 Player?

That’s exactly what Chris Ogle of New Zealand discovered after he purchased a used MP3 player at a second-hand store during a visit to the United States. When he plugged it into his computer at home, he discovered US military personnel records that included phone numbers and social security numbers. Read the full story “Used MP3 Player Comes With Secret Military Files“.

Link Scanner

Wondering if that link you received in e-mail is legitimate? Or is it an attempt to fool you into clicking a link that could cause you misery?

Check out the link with this online tool.

Link Scanner Online

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