Fold3 Access to Civil War Records

In remembrance of the commencement of the Civil War in April 1861, Fold3 is offering free access to their Civil War collection through April 30th.

Fold3 Blog

If you are trying to determine in which conflict an ancestor may have served, this infographic provided by Fold3 may be of help.

Birth Years of Veterans

Memorial Day: Free Access to Military Records is offering “free access to draft, enlistment and service records through May 27”. “In honor of this special day, we are proud to provide free access – through May 28 –  to our most popular collections of US military records.”  “Free Military Records this Memorial Day Weekend May 24-27” is Offering Free Access to Their Military Records

Free Military Records this Memorial Day Weekend May 24-27

“With more than 34 million U.S. and International military records available at , we are offering free access to our military records and collection of veteran’s gravesites to explore and learn about the heroic efforts in your family tree this Memorial Day weekend.”

Access will require registration.

Golden Rules of Genealogy

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these Golden Rules as much as you like.
Just give us credit for them, okay?”


Golden Rules of Genealogy


Is your website or blog "mobilized"?

With the growing popularity of smartphones and the prediction “that within the next five years more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs”, the need to optimize websites and blogs becomes more important.

Do you know how your site displays on a mobile device?  For an analysis of how your site might look on mobile devices, use the W3C mobileOK Checker.

Then head over to Mowser to see what it should look like.  Of course you could encourage visitors to your site to use Mowser, but most wouldn’t want to be bothered with the extra step.

I searched for and found a handy plugin for WordPress that detects the type of browser used by visitors, then automatically renders the mobile version of the page.

Read about best practices and useful resources at the W3C Mobile Web Initiative site.

Too Bad There Will Be No More Yahoo!

Details of the deal announced earlier this summer have been finalized.

“Under the no-cash deal, Yahoo! will use Microsoft’s new Bing search engine on its own sites while Yahoo! will provide the exclusive global sales force for premium search advertisers.”

As one of my friends said, “This can’t be good.”

Arizona Republic Data Central

Curious about state employees’ salaries?  Want to know executive pay in Arizona?  How about parolees by zip code?  The Arizona Republic has made this information and more available on their website.

Log onto to search the information.

Did you know you can search by zip code to find the most popular dog breed and name listed by zip code in Maricopa County?  Yep, that’s on the website, too.

Some other available data:

AIMS 2008 Results

Nursing Home Ratings

Arizona Medical Board Actions

Foreclosures By Zip Code

Deep Web Directory–CompletePlanet

I recently ran across this directory, but haven’t had much time to explore it. CompletePlanet is described on the website as “the front door” to Deep Web databases and “thousands of regular search engines”.

Vermont Criminal Conviction Records Now Online

Need to know if the fellow you are thinking about hiring has a criminal conviction in Vermont? How about the nanny you entrust with your children?

Now with a $20.00 charge, a name and birthdate, conviction records for Vermont district court can be accessed online.

The Vermont Department of Public Safety online access provides immediate retrieval and will eliminate the 7 to 10 day wait a mail-in request required.

Research Fees Increased


Per House Bill 2210 signed by the Governor in June, effective September 26, 2008, fees associated with filing and record searching will substantially increase for all superior and justice courts in the State of Arizona. The superior court fee for “research in locating a document (per year or source researched)” will increase from $18 to $26. The copy fee remains the same at $.50 per copy at all courts.

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