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Curious about state employees’ salaries?  Want to know executive pay in Arizona?  How about parolees by zip code?  The Arizona Republic has made this information and more available on their website.

Log onto to search the information.

Did you know you can search by zip code to find the most popular dog breed and name listed by zip code in Maricopa County?  Yep, that’s on the website, too.

Some other available data:

AIMS 2008 Results

Nursing Home Ratings

Arizona Medical Board Actions

Foreclosures By Zip Code

Vermont Criminal Conviction Records Now Online

Need to know if the fellow you are thinking about hiring has a criminal conviction in Vermont? How about the nanny you entrust with your children?

Now with a $20.00 charge, a name and birthdate, conviction records for Vermont district court can be accessed online.

The Vermont Department of Public Safety online access provides immediate retrieval and will eliminate the 7 to 10 day wait a mail-in request required.

Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

How to Protect Your Private Information

Your life is an open book online. It doesn’t have to be.

January 29, 2007; Page R1

My quote may be at the bottom of the article, but it’s there!

Students in my identity theft classes are always surprised at the amount of information that can be found about them online.

This article gives suggestions about removing information that is available online, but I believe it would be easier to push a car up-hill with a rope.

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