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Sitting Is Killing You

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Who Do You Think You Are?

As I have posted earlier, few television shows catch my interest, however there is a new one that I think I’ll check out.  Premiering on NBC on March 5, “Who Do You Think You Are?” could be an interesting show.  The website briefly describes the series:  “Seven celebrities embark on the journeys of their lives–the quest to discover the genealogical roots of who they are.”

There’s sure to be some surprises when individuals explore their ancestry.

PBS Series, Faces of America

Tonight I will tune into a new PBS series “Faces of America”.  Hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. who also hosted the PBS series, “African American Lives”, this latest series again uses the “tools of genealogy and genetics to explore the family histories of 12 renowned Americans”.

In case you missed the “African American Lives”, the episode are online.

Genealogy Bug

Genealogy has been a hobby of mine for quite a number of  years.  The skills I have learned from this hobby have helped in my practice.  In fact, when I teach people-locating classes, I suggest that the students study genealogy and apply some of those same techniques used when researching family history.

I recently attended a genealogy conference and was glad I did, but almost talked myself out of going.  It had been raining for most of the week and while that’s not unusual for some places, here in the desert, it can make a real mess.  There were road closures, snarled traffic and generally crabby drivers on the roads.  Desert dwellers miss their sunshine.

Allowing myself plenty of time to negotiate the traffic, I arrived early enough to visit the exhibit hall.  I made a couple of purchases, but more interesting was the people-watching opportunity.  In a crowded exhibit hall, one cannot help but overhear conversations and the common interest provides plenty of opportunities to talk with strangers.

There is the “need to know” one’s place in family history, but what is it that compels people to sit in front of microfilm readers until their eyes are red and squinty?  What makes people congregate in a crowded exhibit hall and stand in long lines to purchase a magnabrite® ?  As my mom says, “You tell me and we’ll both know.”

Adoption "Reality" Show

I admit it–I’m not much of a television watcher.  I find there are so many other things to do with my time than sit mindlessly in front of the “box”.  Sure, there are a few shows I do watch, but not many.

I particularly dislike reality shows.  Watching people behaving badly, tearful outbursts or scheming against one another isn’t my idea of entertainment. 

When I heard that a new reality show about adoption reunions would begin airing on TV, I found myself annoyed at the latest attempt to exploit the feelings of those whose lives have been touched by adoption.

A good aspect of the show: hopefully this show will shed some light on the need to know one’s family.

Bad aspect about the show: I dislike the insensitive terminolgy used, such as “give up for adoption”.

It will be interesting to see the comments from those in the adoption triad.

“Know where to find the information and how to use it – That’s the secret of success”

~Albert Einstein

Military Secrets on an MP3 Player?

That’s exactly what Chris Ogle of New Zealand discovered after he purchased a used MP3 player at a second-hand store during a visit to the United States. When he plugged it into his computer at home, he discovered US military personnel records that included phone numbers and social security numbers. Read the full story “Used MP3 Player Comes With Secret Military Files“.

Link Scanner

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