Sure, you can spend days trying to find the answers . . .

But Why?

We'll do your homework for you. We can help you with your online, manual, telephone or public record research.

Our Specialities Include:

Business Information / Company Research

Trademark Searches


Healthcare / Medical

Public Records

Certified Confidential Intermediary

Examples of Research Projects

  • "Could you identify a national market for me? I need to identify organizations with 500+ employees that would have need of a motivational speaker."

  • "Our company has developed a new product and we want to name it XYZ widgets. Would you do a trademark search for us?"

  • "As an educational consulting firm, we need to track trends in the field. Could you do a survey of the largest school districts in the metropolitan area giving us titles and job descriptions for administration? We also need to know the salary ranges associated with those positions."

As a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals,
DLS Information Services subscribes to the AIIP Code of Ethical Business Practice.

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